EU Eco-Innovation Funding

At Desso we are delighted to receive an EU subsidy via its Eco- innovation funding scheme to support our Take Back™ & Refinity® programmes.

We are very grateful for this support and see it as a wonderful example of the link between government and industry to increase support for the Cradle to Cradle® concept and the growing movement towards the circular economy.

Desso's participation at Eco Innovation Programme

Our goals are:
1. Put in place the collection and recycling scheme in six European countries (BeNeLux, France, Germany and the UK);
2. Collect 4% of carpet waste in the contract market, amounting to 16,000 tonnes per year, where at least 50% will be processed via our recycling facility: Refinity®;
3. Recycle 50% of this material;
4. Prevent 8,000 tonnes of carpet waste from going to landfill every year;
5. Develop a business plan for the replication of this collection and recycling scheme and scale-up.

We need them to understand how this benefits society and the environment. To help us in this task, we will cooperate with other industry leaders involved in the carpet business to create greater awareness for our Take Back™ programme.
For more general information regarding the Eco-Innovation project initiated by the EACI, please see here

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