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We spend more than 90% of our time indoors so improving indoor air quality is important to help boost our health and wellbeing.  

To this end, Desso and Asthma UK have joined forces to raise awareness of the fact that fine dust can be a trigger for asthma in the workplace and to help employers understand the condition better.

A joint independent survey was conducted to find out how much businesses know about the condition, its triggers, the role of indoor air quality and if they know how to help someone who is having an asthma attack. 

Simple ways to improve indoor air quality include:

  • Reduce the use of perfumes and air fresheners;
  • Ensure That heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems work effectively;
  • And - perhaps surprisingly - install the right kind of flooring.

"Our survey shows that 79% of the respondents believe that hard flooring is the best solution for reducing the amount of dust in the air. However, DAAB research1) reveals that carpets are a better option. Desso has taken this to the next level with DESSO AirMaster®, which reduces the concentration of fine dust indoors up to eight times more effectively than hard flooring and four times better than standard carpet2)."

David Nicholls, Sales & Marketing Director Desso UK & Republic of Ireland

Surprising facts & figures

  • One of the main conditions associated with poor IAQ is asthma, which affects 5.4 million people in the UK - that's 1 in 11 adults 
  • Asthma can be a fatal condition, taking the lives of three people per day in the UK
  • 84.7% of HR professionals in the UK do not - or do not know - if they currently monitor indoor air quality3)
  • 68.8% of the respondents acknowledged that they do not know what the key triggers for asthma were in their organisation3)
  • 95% Of Those who could identify some culprits, recognised that dust was a key one3)

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1)  Source: Study performed by Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. in 2005.

2)  Based on tests performed by GUI, with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard PVC hardfloor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet.

3)  DESSO AirMaster® and Asthma UK survey October 2013 - 300 respondents in an online survey carried out by People Management Magazine, the media arm of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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